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Design for Mirantis Cloud Native Console

UX design • Web design


Mirantis offers a spectrum of annual enterprise support subscriptions to match the level of support you and your team need for successful deployment and operation of cloud-native infrastructure-as-a-service, whether you choose a managed services option or prefer your internal IT Ops team to maintain cloud operations.

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Mirantis provides a complete, managed solution that puts the power of the cloud native into your hands. Customers benefit from a consumption model for infrastructure regardless of where it is located, enabling them to ship their most valuable code into production faster.


The main task was to create a platform for monitoring server capacity. Mirantis uses a complex structure that requires analysis and reports. The system should also be alert to problems in time, which is a very important aspect of the platform.

The design was based on Mirantis Design System

Mirantis desing system

Our solution

We developed information architecture that will work both for Enterprise and Professional users. The system contains a lot of information dashboards and analytics. It is very important to build a system with the components that have their own places and that is not overloaded with information.

Information Architecture:

Mirantis information architecture

Registration examples:

Based om Mirantis Design System, we have built a new layout for MCNC. We created a new screens for registration process and for bunch of dashboards with analytics.

Dashboard examples:

As expected, we have a lot of different types of information on our dashboard, so we had to create complex and flexible tables not to make a mess.

Mirantis dashboard example

Data Visualization

Mirantis contains a ton of information about hardware usage. We had to keep it in mind and create proper and clear charts.

Cost to date chart:

Price monitoring is one of the most important parts of monitoring. Customers have to know their capacity cost and be aware of any changes

CPU usage chart:
Stats bars:

MCNC has a lot of metrics about all types of data that exist in the system. We are showing the most important metrics on stats bars which allows us to monitor the system more comfortably

Mirantis status bar
World map with nodes:

Mirantis has a lot of clients around the world and monitoring clusters is a very important part of what they do. It allows Mirantis to be aware of any changes in the system.


As a result of the project, we have a complete system for monitoring hardware usage. We have dashboards, analytics, and reports which work fine and make Mirantis users’ work more effective.

We worked in collaboration with the Mirantis design team and our partnership allowed us to detect user needs and collect important feedback about our system from Mirantis workers.

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