Focus on bringing real benefits to patients and healthcare providers through UX design

Digital transformation of healthcare is an integral part of its effective development and nowadays is a necessity. Ensuring the best user experience, creating captivating but also functional healthcare design for both the public and private healthcare sector is our prerogative.

We take the innovational routes for medical product design to ensure that our clients and their patients receive the best design solutions.

Healthcare UX design services with a focus on empathy
  • Appointment management system
  • Virtual consultations apps
  • Healthcare service design
  • Insurance customer support design
Our values
  • Accessibility
  • Compassion
  • Usability

Our key activities

  • Improving healthcare services with design

    Healthcare is a sphere where errors are unacceptable. Moreover, patients expect to be understood. Therefore, while paying attention to every detail, we try to see the journey through the healthcare system from the patient’s perspective. We try to understand how they feel while using certain products and services and what they expect from the interaction with healthcare providers.

  • Creating easy system UI and navigation for healthcare services

    Usually, users who turn to healthcare providers are already under a certain amount of stress. Therefore, it’s important to make their digital experience with healthcare as smooth as possible. We strive to design clear navigation to ensure maximum operational efficiency. Regardless of whether it’s a medical product design or pharmaceutical website design, we always follow this rule.

  • Building trust between patients and healthcare providers

    Patients need to trust the institution they turn to for healthcare services. Therefore, we strive to promote transparency with our design while assuring privacy and security as we understand the vulnerability of information that patients share. We aim at creating a safe space for patients where users can trust both the platform and the services they use.

Why us

We are an experienced Digital design agency that cares about patients as much as doctors. Moreover, we strive to build the design around both patient’s and healthcare provider’s needs, so we aim to provide tools for efficient healthcare management. We believe that in the healthcare sector user experience and app performance are crucial, so we strive to assure that with our design.

Our experience:
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