Usability and UX consulting services

UX consulting with experts to solve your design problems

Creating a business website or app on your own rarely ends up making it successful. There are a lot of aspects you need to think about to make your digital product fulfill its purpose efficiently. UX consulting will help you out in this process and saves you a considerable amount of time and budget.

Our team strives to focus on the business aspects of UX challenges and helps businesses become more user-centered, agile, and digitally mature to fully embrace the power of UX.

UX consulting at Pixetic

How we provide UX consulting for our clients

With the great focus on your organization’s structure and strategy, we put the user experience into the frames of your business goals. We use our expertise and experience to analyze your project ideas or already exciting digital products to make them better.

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Our key activities on UX consulting include:
  • UX Assessment
  • Product concept validation
  • User Testing
  • Usability evaluation
Results of UX consulting

We deeply care about creating an enhanced user experience for your digital products. We understand users’ needs and preferences and have insight into best UX practices. This is what you get as the result of UX consulting:

  • UX review
  • Brand analysis
  • Analysis of app/website performance

Reasons to get UX consultant for your project

You might have doubts about whether you need a UX consulting. But the UX consulting is what will help you dispel all the doubts you have about your product and make it work. Here’s how:

  • Expert evaluation of your product's design.

    Our team evaluate your project’s design with the help of research, reviews its usability, gives suggestions to your team, and helps to build product design strategy plans.

  • Considerable budget savings

    Investing in ideas that are deemed to be unsuccessful or having the product that only brings you losses is what UX consulting is preventing from. In this case, a UX consultant is the best friend of your company’s budget.

  • Improved SEO strategy

    A poorly made website or app will definitely reflect on your digital visibility. Our UX consultant will conduct a detailed analysis of your product’s SEO performance and will advise how to improve it.

  • Increases conversion and sales rate

    User experience directly influences the conversion and sales of your product. We review your product’s UX and help to make it user-friendly.

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