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Data, effortlessly accessible

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The following project is a unique online marketplace for data, where companies may share, purchase and work with information and numbers (statistics, research data and outcomes, etc). The product was built from scratch by Pixetic Design Agency and Perfectial team.


When the clients approached us, they only had an idea of a platform and some vision of how the end-product should look. Together we worked on a marketplace for selling, buying, and working with data.


Our solution

Effortlessly accessible data

Our solution was a single platform that can effectively connect data from numerous locations, arriving in a variety of formats, at different times, and captured both in batch and in real-time. Each uploaded document has its detailed description with types of data, size, range and reviews enlisted and visible.

The value of data is best mined when data scientists can reach across the data landscape and access data from multiple platforms and data sources. This product targets audiences and users from different industries, thus UX has to be maximum clear and convenient regardless of a domain. After multiple user researches and testings we’ve provided a featured dashboards that allow data scientists to prioritize the metrics and indicators that are relevant to the strategic goals and objectives of the business.


Elegant consistency everywhere it makes sense

When establishing a data marketplace one more thing seemed essential to us – seamless data subscription, purchase, operations and uploading. In our opinion, designing these experiences flawlessly is what differentiates a marketplace from a plain e-commerce platform. Within this platform users may search, use and collaborate, process and resell processed data with minimum efforts.

This platform is the exact case how overwhelmingly massive and complex things, like data, can be handled and turned into successful businesses only by design. Since its launch the product has earned multiple appreciations from both industry and customers and now continues to work through franchise model.

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