Digital product creation

Your online business from scratch

The complete digital product creation and launch

Regardless of whether you need the high-end website for marketing purposes, or an app to make your idea work, all this requires the level of expertise and skills. It can be challenging to pick and design the successful digital product if all the knowledge you have about its creation is just your project idea. In this case, Pixetic offers you to leave everything to us. By following a well-established design process step-by-step our digital product creation service include not only validation and improvement of your ideas but also a creation of ready-to-launch digital products.

product creation

Research for opportunities to fill

For discovering the digital opportunities for your product to fill we conduct Market Research. Also, the great digital product needs to be visible and survive the harsh competitive environment, so we include Competitor Research and UX Research to the product creation process. These are all parts of Design Discovery to explore the right problems that need to be solved to build the right product.

product creation process

Development of the new product

Our design process focuses on creating the best version of digital products for your project. To achieve that we conduct Design Workshops. This is the process of close collaboration of the client, their customer, and the design team. Each of the steps includes a series of iterations and improvements to the point of complete product development.

Validation of product’s value

To introduce the appropriate changes to the products and validate its value for future users we include testing to our digital product creation process. This cover:

  • Usability testing
  • Users observations
  • A/B Testing
  • Metrics tracking and analysis
What we have already done:
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