Digital product transformation

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Digital product transformation

You should always keep your website up to date and even the most successful digital product needs a regular makeover to fit in the ever-changing digital space. The website redesign turns the old version of the product into a more visible in the digital space and attractive one. Plus, the rebranding of your digital product or website revamp helps to increase traffic, boost conversion rate, improve the overall user experience, and many more. Pixetic is happy to do all the job for you: we occupy with the website redesign process and give you the renewed, better version of your digital product in the end of it.

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product transformation
Research to detect issues

To conduct the successful digital product transformation, we need reliable data. Also, we must bring everyone on the same page: both stakeholders and the team. Together with you, we define your business goals, your expectations towards the look and functionality of the product. What we do on this stage of the website redesign:

  • UX audit
  • Design workshops
  • Stakeholders interviews
  • Surveys
  • System usage analytics
  • Customers feedback
  • Usability review
Development of the renewed product

The main point of the digital transformation of your product is to detect issues and fix them. We turn those problems into opportunities and ideas to complete a successful website redesign. We prioritize the ones that can bring the most value to the product and implement them organically during the website makeover.

Validation of the ideas

When we figure out the solutions to the problem, we confirm our ideas and findings with the series of testing to proceed with the website redesign. Moreover, the testing routine helps us to get feedback and to introduce the changes to the redesigned websites when needed post-launch. They include:

  • Users interviews
  • Usability testing
  • Observations
  • A/B testing
What we have already done:
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