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UI/UX design process with focus on user experience

An efficient UI/UX design process is essential for any successful digital product. UX/UI design focuses on your user and their needs and preferences at each stage. It helps you create a digital product that will be on demand by that same user and satisfy them completely.

The goal of UI/UX design is to create a truly great product by finding a balance between users’ needs, business requirements, and budget resources. Also, it is both concerned about how it will be demanded by users and profitable for your business

UI/UX design at Pixetic

How we do it

UI/UX design is aimed at detecting and solving specific problems users encounter every day. During this process, we create meaningful experiences for users while keeping business context in mind.

Learn more about UX/UI design process at our blog.

Our UI/UX process includes:
Benefits of UI/UX design

Sales, marketing, and data gathering determine product value when we're talking about its business side. UI/UX design is what helps to boost all these indicators or product's success. It helps to attract customers, convince them to use your product, turn them into loyal followers of your brand and encourage them to buy the next versions of your product.

Reasons to invest in UI/UX design

UI/UX design is an indispensable part of any great digital product and there are several, considerable reasons why.

  • You want users to be more than satisfied with your product

    Without UI/UX design, the chances that your users will love your product are low. Great user experience and an intuitive user interface is what can make them more than pleased with your product.

  • It will save you time and money

    UX/UI design is focused on understanding the exact needs of your customers. By investing in a great UX design at the initial stage of the development, you can save time and budget throughout the whole project.

  • You get higher output from your product

    Creating an enhanced user experience helps to improve conversion rate and leads to a larger increase in sales. It is what makes your product work like it was designed to.

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