UX research

Advanced research design: We will get to the bottom of your customers’ needs

Building a product isn’t just about how it looks. Apart from offering great experience, it has to be useful. That’s why design research is so crucial. During this stage, we explore market and value propositions, your business goals and your unique and strategic point of difference. User experience analysis will help you to improve your product's design while understanding your customers better.

Our team of pros conducts a series of user experience testing, during which they discover who your customers are and what their key pain points are. With the help of user research, we will get to the core of what your customers require or try to understand what features to focus on first, or how the MVP should look like. Then, after the UX analysis, we’ll come up with a list of possible solutions and prioritize them.

UX research process at Pixetic

How we do it

To build a useful product, we need to know your customer. We choose a group considered as the target audience and get to know them a bit through user experience research: interviews, online research, diary studies, or fieldwork. We do user experience analysis to understand their problems, highlight their concerns, discover possible solutions and create a prototype to test these solutions. Then, we help you to create an appealing UX research portfolio.

Learn more about UX research at our blog.

Our key activities on user research include:

ux research process
What you get with user experience analysis
  • Design research: domain, user, competitors
  • Product feature map, priorities and user personas/jobs to be done
  • Product structure
  • Wireframes
  • Clickthrough prototype
  • Prototype testing results
You need UX analysis because:

Still not convinced you need user experience research? We believe it to be an essential first step on your journey to creating a successful product. And here’s why:

  • Focus on the usability

    It combines the best of two worlds. During the UX research stage, you both focus on the usability of your product and, at the same time, you make sure your product is bringing value.

  • Identify possible risks

    You have a high-level idea, but in order to make it work, you need to test your assumptions and build your strategy. UX analysis will help you identify possible risks as well as is the quickest path to reaching your goals.

  • Understanding of your needs

    You are planning to build an MVP, but don't yet have a list of features for it or the next stages of implementation. User experience research will help you understand what bare minimum you need in order to drive value.

  • Clear vision of the end product

    It gives a clear vision of the end product. It’s only natural that you want your idea to be a success. Starting your product development from usability research helps to understand the best practices, maximizes your ROI and raises the chances your project will be successful.

How long does it take?

There’s no one way to do UX research. Timeframes will vary, depending on the chosen design methods, but it usually takes 2-4 weeks to go through the main activities.

But you can see it for yourself, check out our work:

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