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Virtual gaming getaway accepting Bitcoin payments

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Strategems is a great example of a startup – bright, innovative and quick in delivery. The founder has reached our team with the request to build the MVP in a very short time – less than a month. It had to be a platform for computer games fans that love to participate in tournaments and get to pay fees and receive winner’s rewards in Bitcoin. This prospect quickly turned into real project, because of our love for challenge, innovation and interest in gaming industry.



Our task was to build an MVP that would combine attractive and user-friendly design for both seasoned gamers and freshmen. The platform itself stores information on games and scheduled tournaments and provides safe and new Bitcoin payment system to establish all the needed transactions. As we were very limited with time, designing the solution from scratch was an additional challenge. Due to the same reasoning we skipped full discovery phase and worked on deep industry research instead. The findings helped us define our focus – bright and colorful game plates layered on a clear and minimalist background would make a good contrast and thus attract gamer’s attention.

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Our solution

Great user-experience and industry trends were the primary benchmarks for design on the Strategems project. Yet, we decided to add a creative spin to it and highlight some of platform's features by using hand-drawn illustrations. Unlike the standard set of icons that are ordinary and dull, custom-made images help to focus user’s attention on the important information at the exact moment when needed.


Left sidebar

The left sidebar was designed as a personal mini-dashboard with a quick access to the existing and upcoming tournaments list, latest news, scoreboards, etc.


Payment systems

As for the payment system – it was implemented by Perfectial team and designed to be 100% accessible and simple. Once gamer registered, the system generated a unique QR code or a link, displayed on a screen. By following it user enabled access to the Bitcoin wallet for a one-time transaction.


Dynamic, youthful and creative – we could totally relate to the concept of Strategems product, thus our Pixetic team was happy to contribute to it with UX concept, MVP visual and technical implementation.

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