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We started our cooperation with Metis on their half-way to MVP. Together we entered the phase of massive development and product design, challenged by a scarce timeframe and excessive scope. Yet, we ended up building an award-winning product, used by thousands of users from different organizations worldwide.

Metis itself is a massive cloud-based SAAS Enterprise Resource System for Professional Services Companies, both small and large-scale. It covers practically all the aspects of company’s operations. Time reporting and planning, expenses, budgeting, resourcing as well as sales pipeline – all these key functions were brought together in a single software which meant colossal complexity and enormous amounts of data that need to be visualized. Obviously, in such situation outstanding UX is a key differentiator and pain reliever, thus it became our main objective.


One of the benefits and a definite positive aspect of working with Metis was the access to real users. We’ve conducted multiple user researches and interviews to discover real problems they might face while using the product. As a result, we got to observe and discover how companies of different sizes and industries operate, their nuances and dependencies between resources planning, budgeting and planned incomes.

metis company design

By doing this deep user research we’ve avoided the usual problem that occurs in many startups: when company founders assume themselves as potential users and heavily interfere with decision-making process. The solid results of many studies plus stakeholder maturity once again have proven the importance of user-centric approach and established it as our main vector.

Our solution

As already mentioned above, platform is huge and keeping it simple to use was the main purpose. We made sure there were no hidden, covered functions, every action was made visible and followed by appropriate content. Metis home screen became a compound dashboard which basically consists of different platform statistics gathered in one place to show quick company overview.

metis company design

Building such a massive system means visually interconnecting different entities and their functionality. To keep the same stylistic line throughout the platform, we've created general composition of the main pages and ready-to-use design components. These components helped staying consistent while updating old versions or designing new pages.

Our main focus was building a proper UX, not just pretty and pixel-perfect interface design (to which we payed attention, too). The combination of feedback analysis along with well-established processes, multiple user and competitor researches, best-practices enabled fast iterations while working on a product plus gave us a validated and hands-on experience for users.

metis company design
metis company design

iOS version

Simultaneously with the desktop version of Metis ERP we also worked on a Mobile iOS version of the product. In this case, we simplified it even more – reduced functionality, leaving only the pieces user might need on-the go – reporting time and expenses.

metis company design
metis company design
metis company design

More than 2 years of our joint hard work couldn’t go amiss – Metis has been recognized by 2017 Rising Star Award by Finances Online as a fast-developing company with innovative ideas. Additionally, and to our great pleasure, Finances Online bestowed Metis with 2017 Great User Experience Award as “a product which combines sophistication and ease of use”. UX is the king.

metis company design
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