Brand identity creation and rebranding

Empower your business with attention-grabbing brand image

Regardless of whether you're just starting your business or it's already well-established on the market, branding is essential.

By building a unique brand identity, you not only distinguish your company from numerous others. You also create a bond with your customers, earn their trust, and communicate your company's values.

Branding at Pixetic

How we do it

We have vast experience in building brands for businesses. We aim at embracing the uniqueness of your brand by capturing your company's essence and bringing your values to your customers. Our brand designers’ expertise covers both creating brand identity from scratch and rebranding the existing but underperforming one.

Our key branding activities include:
  • Research (competitors, domain, audience)
  • Building new communication strategies
  • Developing holistic brand systems
  • Creatiing brand attributes
What you get

We deliver a ready-made package of assets for business: branding, website, and printed materials, etc. As the result of the branding process, you'll get all the elements needed for success in terms of style and marketing strategy that will help to distinguish your company on the market:

  • Captivating logo
  • Brandbook and Branding materials
  • Social media attributes
  • Brand color scheme and fonts
  • Landing website

Here's why branding is essential

Your company's branding is an integral part of your marketing strategy. By creating a visually captivating brand identity you contribute considerably to both your online and offline visibility. There are multiple reasons why branding is important and here are some of them:

  • To enhance your brand uniqueness and make it appeal to the customers

    There might be multiple similar brands like yours, but each brand has its uniqueness. The branding goal is to bring it out and enhance it. The more your brand is recognizable, the more people would associate with it and the more trust it’ll earn.

  • To build advanced communication strategy with the improved elements of visual and verbal identification

    Branding is an essential part of your online communication. It covers everything from your social media representation to your company’s website and online advertising. Also, it is crucial for making your brand known offline by distributing your branding materials and conducting offline marketing campaigns.

  • To stand out among competitors and be easily identified by the customers

    Standing out from the numerous competitors and expressing your uniqueness on the market is now essential more than ever. Customers now value new ideas, fresh visions, and the courage to experiment. Creating a captivating brand identity is what transmits all these features.

What we have already done:

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