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Perfectial’s UX process

A simple story about complex things

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The main purpose of this page was to reveal the complex process of building an interface and its components on an example of simple and everyday things. As a metaphor for the interface, we used a simple chair, common to everyone. We presented the full process of its creation.


The subject of our story was a combination of different sciences and processes which actually form the user experience, an endless baggage of information which was difficult for an average person to understand.

Our solution

Complex processes as simple objects


The chair has a very special place in the design world. This item combines beautiful and pleasant, which always throws challenges for designers. Mainly because it's very hard to reinvent and since our bodies are different, the chair has to be a compromise for anyone.

The process of designing an interface has a very common approach and similar goals with designing anything else, either it's a building, a plane or a car. This is why the chair is a perfect metaphor for our story.



Various forms, colors, shapes, materials – all of which follow function. Such divergence helped us demonstrate the complexity of overall design process.

3D graphics


Working in AfterEffects gave us an opportunity to create bright and expressive 3D animations and hence show the process in a more realistic and dynamic way.

Advanced animations


Animations not only help us visualize the design process but also engage users into our storytelling, get them interested, make them believe in it.

Check out the result.

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