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Manage your credit score

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ScoreRise is a mobile app with an immediate goal to educate consumers about the existence of a credit score, how to manage it, and its effects on their access to credit products. It also allows us to connect and communicate with a large pool of potential borrowers, to whom we can later reach out with a very specific lending product offering.


The main challenge we had to face was to figure out how to allow users to monitor their credit through periodic requests for their credit score and reports.

The app had to also represent an opportunity to generate additional revenues, i.e. for frequent credit checks or advertising.

credit score ui

Our solution

After an in-depth study of the banking credit score and lending systems we've came up with a solution of a clean, simple to use mobile application.

User guidance

Not everyone is familiar with how the credit scores work. We had to guide the users and teach them about the basics using simple to understand English.

scorerise scorerise scorerise

Easy to use

The main purpose of the mobile application was to monitor a person's score. We had to visualize this functionality with a pleasant, easy to use credit score UI.

scorerise app scorerise app scorerise app

Getting profit out of it

Besides everything above the app had to work on a monetization system. We made it easy to obtain more credit as in-app purchases.

scorerise app scorerise app scorerise app

Check out the result.

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