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Safety ride App

Drive like a professional

App design • UX design • Visual design


The client

One of our London-based clients has developed a special device that users can install in their cars to collect driving data and analyze their driving skills. The main goal of this device is to help users drive safer and more skillfully by providing them with detailed info on their behavior on the road.

Our role

We have developed a mobile application that displays drivers’ statistics based on data coming from a device installed in their car. Also, we added some gamification elements to it with the reward system for especially skilled drivers. Driving style also correlates with the insurance cost. The safer users drive, the more they save on the insurance.



The main wish of the client was an automated onboarding process in the form of a chatbot. And our goal was to make the initialization process as fast and smooth as possible, despite the complicated registration procedure with the mandatory scanning of driving licenses and other necessary documents. Moreover, the application itself was aimed at two types of users: regular users and drivers who belonged to a particular Fleet.

ridepro log screen

Сhatbot character finding:

ridepro chat bot

The design of an interactive map that correlates with timeline and driving style data was one of the most challenging parts of the project. The backend data comes in every second, so it was important for us to make this part of an app easy to understand and navigate through. Here below on the left, the curve that shows a driver's behavior on the road, and on the right – the driver can compare this information with the geographical route of the trip.


Users create their profiles where they can see their rating and the levels they reach by driving correctly.

ridepro achievements screen
ridepro avatars screen


Rewards is an efficient method to encourage users to adopt safe driving habits.

ridepro badges screen
ridepro achieve screen
ridepro achieve icons


Also, to motivate users even more, we’ve given them an ability to exchange virtual tokens earned in the app for real services such as refueling, free coffee at the gas station, etc. For those who like to tempt fate, we designed Crate, which gives out a reward at random.

ridepro rewards screen

In general, in this project we paid a lot of attention to micro-interactions and animation. Below is an example of animation that was added to the splash screen.


Adding the gamification elements to the mobile application is challenging in most cases as it can be difficult to make them engaging for users but not annoying for them. However, if you succeed, you will receive a captivating product the users are really attached to.

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