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Re-branding for Get a rate

Re-branding • Visual identity • Web design


Get a rate is a company that provides mortgage services to people who want to buy a new home or current homeowners who want to refinance their current home at a lower rate, lower payment, shorter-term, cashout.

The company taking a fresh approach to lending and client relationships. From digital solutions to transparent services, they're all about helping our clients achieve the highest level of success when it comes to personal accomplishments and homeownership.

The main mission of Get Away is to give everyone the opportunity to achieve their dreams and goals. And this can be achieved and expanded through personal process and digitization. That's why they offer transparent solutions and services for buying a home and refinancing a mortgage.


Get a rate already 9 years do on the market and they already have their branding, but they not sure if the current one they’re using works with their goals.

They had wanted that new identity to help them to attract new clients and improve contact with the current generation. Their basic clients are young families 30-40 years. Вesides "Get a rate" want to be more simple, fairness and transparent for their client.

Our solution

First, at the research stage, we identified who are the main customers for Get a rate and how the brand should convey its uniqueness to them. And what should be the identity to attract new customers.

In order to learn more about Get a rate customers, we conducted a user survey. Which gave us a better understanding of the company's audience.

Who are the customers of Get a rate

  • Work & Family
  • Making wrong decisions and overextending themselves financially or possibly losing the money they need to put down.
  • To achieve the American dream of homeownership.

What should Get a rate symbolize?

Then we conducted an interview with the client to determine the philosophy and values they wanted to transmit with their brand. They are:

  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Simplicity
  • Fairness
  • Inspiration

In order to develop a holistic brand system, we constantly start from the company's clients and the impressions that brand attributes should evoke.

Building a good strategy for a brand is not an easy task for any business. As part of brand development, we have defined the main goals of branding and who are the main clients of the company.

Redesign logo

Based on our testing, we knew what impressions the logo should make: trust, simplicity, transparency, fairness.

To emphasize the uniqueness of the brand and show their difference from competitors, we tried to create a symbol that would be easy to understand and symbolize the company's activities.

As a result, we have developed a simple sign that symbolizes the percentage that makes it clear what the company is doing and is quite modern.

Example orientation logo

We have developed several logo options to avoid problems with use on a variety of company products.


To understand how to use branding, we have developed a brand book with clear rules and recommendations on style and examples of branding.

Branding in use

To build a brand strategy, our team needed to make sure that all areas of Get a rate branding would run smoothly on all platforms and printed materials. ‍Pixetic uses the internal design of the system, which allows you to standardize all parts of the design into an organic product.

In the end, we created a holistic brand that can perform its marketing tasks and evoke the right emotions in customers Get a rate. We took into account the places where the brand can be used and developed various layouts for printed and digital products.


During the study, we realized that most companies in this field suffer losses on the Internet due to complex functionality.

This affected the design of the interface. We primarily focused on developing simple features that help customers use the site and at the same time are visually appealing to their users.

The style of illustrations used for Get a rate consists of the main bright turquoise color of the brand and additional black.

Get a rate functionality, the ability to compare loan options, and the ability to calculate mortgages and mortgage refinancing. All the necessary tools to buy a new home or refinance the current one.

We have used all our experience to make this website the most user-friendly. ‍ It contains all the necessary features to learn about the company and its services as much as possible and choose for yourself favorable mortgage terms


As a result of the project, we have a complete business development package: branding, which includes a logo, typography and color palette, web and mobile version of the site, logo animation, a new style guide.

In Get a rate we reached the most convenient solutions and offered a new visual style that emphasizes their uniqueness and gives a new perspective on business development in the future.

You can see the result of our cooperation on the site

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