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Revamping the brand of Puppet Theater

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Just like a fairy tale character, for a longer period of time Lviv Puppet Theater was in a lethargic sleep. Despite having a professional crew and unique plays, it wasn’t as popular as contemporary entertainment centers. Because of some issues, like no branding or graphic representation, modern families didn’t consider the theater an up-to-date cultural space but rather a part of a Soviet era. A meeting between Pixetic team and Uliana Moroz, a newly appointed creative director of the theater, gave a push to creating the new face of Lviv Puppet theater.

puppet theatre rebranding

Our solution

  • Broaden theater’s audience and make it appealing to adults as well as children.
  • Showcase the unique nature of the puppet theater on the Lviv culture map.
  • Establish a communication channel by building a modern website.

Fostering theater’s authentic values: a unique cultural space, art and emotions.

  • The main advantages
  • unique
  • interactive
  • modern
  • Location on the city map
  • family leisure
  • art education
  • Customers emotions
  • impression
  • catharsis
  • entertainment


Working closely with the theater’s crew, Pixetic team started looking for new visual concepts.

puppet theatre process logo

After several iterations, the decision was made to combine three symbolic objects: space, a human being, and a puppet, to create a unified metaphor. Eventually, we came up with a holistic image that went from a vague shape to a clear and emphatic logo. At the same time, the team was actively working on developing brand’s colors and patterns.

Idea concept

logo creation process

Form improving

logo design ideas

Logo geometry

puppet theatre logo desktop


Colors express emotions and can easily affect our subconsciousness. Bearing that in mind, we combined the mysterious nature of purple with buoyant yellow. To steady the contrast we’ve used light purple as an additional color.

brand colors

Branding in use

puppet theatre rebranding mug design shirt design shopping bag design


Posters were another important element of the theater’s brand. They were designed in one style in accordance to the developed modular grid. The audience will easily recognise and distinguish them among other theaters’ artworks around the city.

theatre identity puppet theatre identity puppet theatre identity

Brand is a communication, it’s a bridge that unites business or an organization with their customers. Its identity is a first step to lasting and successful relationship. When visitors can easily explore the repertoire, access the schedule or simply buy tickets at a convenient time, it makes their experience interacting with the theater not only more convenient but also natural for the digital age we live in. That’s why developing puppet theater’s website was a logical next step. Discover how we built the website.

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