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Set of promotional banners specially made for Perfectial brand marketing campaign, created and designed in the beautiful origami style in order to connect material world with the virtual web one.


The real challenge was to explain, interpret and put into print such virtual values as idea empowering, excellence in engineering etc. and transform them into a clear, simple and visually appealing image.

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Our solution

The idea came from the most ordinary material – paper. Simple, yet powerful, engineered from inside, paper in origami is that extraordinary combination which creates visually straightforward, well recognizable objects.

That was exactly what we were looking for. Origami helped us transform, interpret and express all the ideas in the most clean, transparent and beautiful way. It reminded us that we could display the most complex things using the simplest tools available.

perfectial banner perfectial banner perfectial banner perfectial banner perfectial banner

When ideas become alive...

The most anticipation came when the prints were ready. Such a delightful feeling observing something that was not long ago just a virtual image on the screen being real and material, transforming into something that you can touch. Prints appeared to be even better in real life than on the screen. But the biggest pleasure came from receiving positive feedback. That is the most meaningful thing you can get from the everyday work.

perfectial banner airport perfectial airport banner perfectial banner airport perfectial banner airport
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