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Restyling the brand of Lviv JS Conference

Rebranding • Visual identity


Lviv JS is a Conference with a friendly atmosphere where developers meet together to discuss the future of JavaScript. It was created by a highly motivated local team to help people exchange their knowledge, ideas, and experience in an informal way. The main goal was to build a community around the JS lovers to bring them together.

The conference was a successful project with the well-known speakers delivering the lectures and received overall positive feedback. The problem was the lack of a vivid and memorable identity, which changed slightly from year to year but still wasn't recognizable among potential participants and investors.

lvivjs logo challenge

Our Solution

  • Enhancing the brand uniqueness and make it appeal to the people.
  • To structure and unify all design components for the communicative campaign.
  • Build a new communication strategy with the improved elements of visual and verbal identification.

A symbiosis of bold colors and a captivating logo with geometrical elements creates the eye-catching branding materials for the conference and hints at its technical component.

  • The main advantages
  • unique
  • modern
  • consistent
  • Location on the city map
  • technical education
  • networking
  • Customers emotions
  • concentrated
  • clear
  • bright


After the deep investigation Pixetic team started working on a novel visual concept.


Following several iterations, we decided to take as a basis an informal symbol of JavaScript, namely a rhinoceros from one of the best-known books about Java Script. Eventually, we settled on this option as it traces back to our animalistic hero and appeals to users.

Form imporoving

logo form improving

Logo geometry

lvivjs logo geometry


The chosen shade of yellow is well recognized as it is commonly used for JavaScript events. So, we decided to follow this pattern in order to preserve the brand recognition.

lvivjs colors used
Branding in use
shirt design lvivjs branding stationery lvivjs branding stationery
Social media cover

Nowadays social networks are one of the most significant channels for media campaigns. We provide unique and unified templates for promotion on social networks.

lvivjs social facebook lvivjs social speaker lvivjs social presentation
Corporate identity

A lot of conferences use flyers only for advertising purposes. We decided to go further and add some useful information to them so the participants will be more encouraged to take one.

lvivjs identity banner lvivjs identity design
lvivjs identity banner

If brand identity is communicated correctly, it serves as a bridge between business/organization and their customers and is the first step to the lasting and productive relationship between them. When people can easily recognize the brand among thousands of others and find it relatable, it creates a special bond that every company/organization is striving for and is our ultimate goal for every case we work on.

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