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Meet Dobby

A personal cleaning assistant

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Dobby is not just an app, Dobby is your personal cleaning assistant and a friend. It knows when to notify you about changing the filter or emptying debris bin. Dobby will study your habits and behavior to eliminate disturbing you at an inappropriate time.


Robotic industry grows rapidly. Engineers delegate more complex tasks to robotic assistants. It becomes the essential part of our life and takes out a portion of our routine tasks. Vacuum cleaning, mopping, cleaning your pool, mowing your lawn...

How about forgetting those activities. And how about making sure that work is done in the most appropriate time?

cleaning assistant

Our solution

Make it more intelligent

After the in-depth study of robotic cleaners market and exploring target audience, we found three main user problems:

  • None of the apps on the market provide an ability to set the cleaning session for separate rooms without a physical touch onto process
  • People do not like cleaning noise and prefer homes to be cleaned while they are out
  • Quite often people forget to change filters or empty the debris bin, and in most cases users get notifications about it when they are not at home.

Simple and intuitive interface

In accordance to user centric approach of designing interfaces we excluded any unnecessary and somewhat "engineering for the sake of engineering" functionality to prevent confusion and user's errors. There's no need to explain "how it works" - you just straight use it.

dobby cleaning assistant dobby cleaning assistant dobby cleaning assistant

Smart and friendly

By utilizing geolocation and machine learning Dobby will know when to inform you to empty the debris bin, change the filter or even when the cleaner got stuck. Every cleaning session will be analyzed to define approximate cleaning time for each room.

cleaner app cleaner app design cleaner app design

And even more...

Besides everything above we have added augmented reality gaming module. With Dobby, your vacuum cleaner is no longer just a cleaning tool - it becomes an entertaining toy as well.

An apple watch app will help you track your cleaners on the go and improve your overall experience.

cleaner app design cleaner app design cleaner app design apple watch cleaner app design apple watch cleaner app design
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