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Delivery app concept

Delivery app. Anything to anyone around the city from your phone.

Concept • Mobile • Research • UX


This concept app helps quickly and easily deliver parcels around the city. Comfortable to use, it has and additional feature – scheduling a pick-up time. App is built on blockchain technology, therefore it is also secure by default.


Our main challenge was to provide the ability to easily connect all of the app users – sender, delivery person, receiver, etc - and make their experience as smooth as possible. Also we had to create a secure way to global tracking and managing parcels journey.

Our Solution

Within a short time, we analyzed the competitors and applications related to the transport and logistics. As a result of this research we've decided to focus on the idea of an Uber-like parcel delivery system. We worked on all the possible app flows, designed the interactions for every group of users and created a humble and yet pleasant visual design. As a part of making the parcel journey secure, every package was given its unique QR code. Scanning this QR code helps to identify the owner of the package and creates a checkpoint in the parcel’s journey, so the receiver may follow the process and plan the pick-up at a convenient time.

Sender interface

Drivers interface

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