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Blueberry Bay School

Branding for an online language school

Branding • Visual identity • Web design


Blueberry Bay School is an innovative online English school for children and teenagers, which guarantees quality and engaging language learning.

It brings a fresh perspective to learning English and embraces the needs and problems of modern children. Although the market for English language schools is quite saturated, its approach is completely unique and sets it apart from the competition.

The teaching method of Blueberry Bay School language school is a mix of online resources and offline materials. Moreover, it offers real-time progress monitoring, flipped classes with the explanation of the material outside the class, and practice in class combined with interesting tasks, exercises for the practice of language skills.


The Blueberry Bay language school was just starting their activity on the market and didn’t have any visual branding. The main task was to develop an identity that would help it to stand out from numerous other language schools.

language school branding

Their brand identity had to embrace what they stand for: a modern and easy way to learn English for children. This vision had to be captured by its logo and well-represented on its landing website. Also, Blueberry Bay School’s brand imagery had to catch the attention of potential students and their website had to communicate the school's approach in a clear, yet engaging way.

Our solution

Firstly, during the research phase we have identified Blueberry Bay's main audience and how the brand should transmit its unique and open-minded approach both visually and verbally.

language school branding

We understood that visual elements should be attractive to children and inspire confidence in their parents. Therefore, we conducted user research to achieve this goal.

Who are the customers of Blueberry Bay School

  • Behavior
  • Woman 25+ years old
  • Works a lot
  • Spends about an hour on social networks
  • Proficient in English and uses it at work
  • Customer Pain Points
  • Concerned about the diverse personal development of the child
  • Wants her child's education to take place in a good atmosphere
  • Doesn’t want to waste her money
  • Goals
  • To give her child the best education
  • To assure a happy future for her child

What should Blueberry Bay School symbolize?

Then we conducted an interview with the client to determine the philosophy and values they wanted to transmit with their brand. They are:

  • Innovation
  • Comfort
  • Communication
  • Art
  • Trust

To develop a holistic brand system, we constantly referred to the impressions that the attributes of the language school branding should evoke.


To express the distinctive features of the brand the color palette needed to include five bright colors. The color scheme should be trustworthy and at the same time modern and fresh.

language school branding


We have chosen Poppins to support the brand's system by providing a balanced font and combined it well with Merriweather. Together, they fully convey the modern approach of the school and inspire confidence in the brand.

language school branding

Logo creation

We knew we needed to create a logo for the English school that embodied the brand's values: emotional, modern, and friendly.

Example orientation logo

We have developed several options for the logo so that it can be used for a variety of marketing products.

logo design

Branding in use

We used the blueberry symbol and wavy elements to visually emphasize the Blueberry Bay School brand. With this simple tool, we strived to ensure a clear representation of its visual identity.

notebook design


As part of the launch of the Blueberry Bay School brand, we have created a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate through and that also contains only essential elements. Our goal for the website was to emphasize the brand identity and help students get familiar with the school and its approach to teaching English.


As a result of cooperation on the Blueberry Bay School project, we delivered a ready-made package of assets for business: branding, website, and printed materials. As a team, we are convinced that this will lead the client to success in terms of style and marketing strategy and will help the school establish itself on the market.

You can see the result of our cooperation on the site.

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