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Our volunteers created an NFT collection to support Ukrainian Army. They published it for sale at Rarible.com. 100% of the collected funds will be donated.


An archetype of the "Russian World" (Русский Мир) — a symbiosis of Russian orthodoxy, Stalinism, crime, and alcoholic delirium

we will create more art once these are sold out

All collected funds will be donated to the Ukrainian Army

We don’t take any commission or fee. 100% of the donations will be transferred to the official crypto wallets provided by Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation and spent on the needs of the Ukrainian army.

If you want to help without buying the NFT you can donate to the official wallet for support Ukrainian Army, created by Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation.
Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation
Posted on Twitter by Mykhailo Fedorov, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine

Why Ukraine needs your support

On February 24, russia launched a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine. We are now witnessing how the russian aggressors attack peaceful Ukrainian cities and kill innocent citizens. This attack on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is one of the greatest threats not only to Ukraine but to the entire peaceful world.

If you also would like to support the Ukrainian people in these incredibly difficult times, we encourage you to help in a meaningful way.

Stand with Ukrainians who are fighting for the world's peace!

Together we will win!