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User journey map: the essential steps to ensure usability
byRoksolana KovalonJun 16
Designing a digital product that will give users exactly what they need is not an easy task. To achieve that, it is crucial to understand their motivations and experiences – you need to empathize...
Virtual design workshops: how the magic happens
byRoksolana KovalonOct 14
Not only designers but the majority of professionals nowadays are pushed out of their well-established offline workflow to online platforms. The new work environment can be challenging for some, but also can...
UX research guide to making your design user-friendly
byRoksolana KovalonFeb 6
Have you ever wondered why after putting so much effort into the design, it proves not to bring the feedback you’ve been expecting? Human behavior is complex and very difficult to...
Designers or puppet masters? Influence of behavioral design on users
byAndriy VaskivonSep 13
Can you make users stay longer in my app? — As experience designers, we hear this question quite often. To address it we came to realize that it’s not enough...
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