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Website redesign: the essential questions answered
byRoksolana KovalonJul 6
Not every website is perfect, but even if it is, it still needs a regular makeover. The digital environment is everchanging, and you need to adapt your website to new requirements...
8 types of graphic design to prove it’s a basis of visual communication
byRoksolana KovalonMar 31
The power of graphic design as a communication tool can’t be underrated. Wherever you look, you’ll find it everywhere – from product packaging to political rallies. Graphic design is also...
Design systems: a secret to consistent and efficient product design
byRoksolana KovalonDec 10
The product development process is complex by itself and involves many steps, and sometimes multiple designers working on the project. Therefore, design systems are essential for keeping product design consistent...
UI/UX design process: how to do it right
byRoksolana KovalonAug 17
Creating and following an efficient UI/UX design process is essential for any successful product design. This is a difficult multi-step journey where you always should remember what UX stays for...
What does UI & UX stand for and how they’re different?
byRoksolana KovalonJun 30
UI design and UX design: in a tech world when it comes to design, these terms go hand in hand, but they are mean very different things. You can often...
Tricky UI design trends and the best way to use them
byElena StorozhkovaonDec 21
Following the latest UI design trends and being on point is often considered a prerequisite in the design community. Every UI designer’s worst fear is being called outdated or irrelevant....
Basic UI/UX design elements you need to know
byElena StorozhkovaonOct 3
There’s a common misconception in the business world that you have to be a technician in order to be able to launch a stellar software product. That if you can’t...
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