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Tricky UI Design Trends and How to Use Them
byElena StorozhkovaonDec 21
Following the latest UI design trends and being on point is often considered prerequisite in the design community. Every UI designer’s worst fear is being called outdated or irrelevant. So...
What a Non-Technical Founder Needs to Know About UI and UX Design
byElena StorozhkovaonOct 3
There’s a common misconception in the business world that you have to be a technician in order to be able to launch a stellar software product. That if you can’t...
UI / UX Design Explained. And What It Means to Business
byElena StorozhkovaonJun 30
In a tech world when it comes to design, UI UX design go hand in hand. You can often hear people talking about a good UI of an app or...
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