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What pattern to choose for your mobile app menu?
byViktoriia NaichukonMay 14
Mobile navigation is a crucial vehicle of the entire mobile app design since it is aimed at solving users’ usability problems. Therefore, creating good navigation is a must-do if you...
How to build enterprise applications with efficient UX
byRoksolana KovalonNov 27
Every enterprise has a need for a highly-functioning, speedy app that can serve certain missions. It may be quite clear how to build this type of app. But it can be less explicit how to design...
How to design an app: the ultimate guide
byRoksolana KovalonJun 10
App creation is a process that consists of different equally important steps and requires vast resources and a ton of creativity. To design a successful app, you need to put...
30 good app ideas for your business
byRoksolana KovalonFeb 24
App development can be profitable for your business. You can use apps both as your products or as parts of your marketing campaign. But considering the great competition in this...
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